Are you a current employee with University of Utah Health? Are you interested in becoming a member of our staff? Advance your future in health care with career development services at University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics. The Workforce Development Center services are available to all current employees and non-employees!

We invite you to explore career pathways, develop learning opportunities, and advance your career with the support of our team. Learn about a variety of career pathways for both clinical and non-clinical careers.

The Workforce Development Center at U of U Health provides job counseling, career guidance, referral services, and support for career development. Services are expert, confidential, and provided at no cost for both employees and non-employees.

How to Search and Apply for Jobs at U of U Health

Career Development Counseling & Job Search Assistance

The Workforce Development Center at U of U Health offers one-on-one counseling for career development and job search assistance. This service is free of charge and available to all employees and non-employees. Click here to request an appointment with a member of our Workforce Development Center.

Job fairs are a great opportunity to meet with our recruitment team and hiring managers. Our team attends different events from Ogden to Provo throughout the year. We also hold our own career fairs from time to time. To view what events we will be attending, visit our Events Calendar .

Career Pathways Navigation

Navigating the next step in your career can be tricky at times. You may ask yourself, “What options are available for me?” or “What position would be the right one to help me advance in my career?” We have resources to help you.

What are Career Pathways?

Career pathways support workers’ transitions from education into and through the workforce. Pathways combine education and experience to support the development of a variety of careers. If you are transitioning into a new career, including entry-level, mid, or senior-level, let us help explore opportunities to join U of U Health!

Current U of U Health Employees – (Internal Only – Login Required): Our job library of current job descriptions and our employment site of internal job openings are available for you to research, review, and apply when you’re ready.

Non-Employee Resources: Access current job openings on our career site.

Accelerate your career at U of U Health and learn about jobs in demand for both Clinical and Non-Clinical pathways by visiting our Career Pathway site .

Professional Learning and Development

U of U Health supports professional learning and development for all current employees. The WE CARE Program offered by Organizational Development is available for all current employees. Courses are designed to support professional and leadership development.

To learn more about available courses and course descriptions, and to view a calendar of upcoming classes, please visit the WE CARE Offerings page available through Pulse or by following the URL links below.

Current Employees – (Internal Only)

Current Employee & Non-Employee

Apprenticeships, Job Training, and Other Job Openings

Apprenticeships can be a great way to learn a new profession and gain hands-on experience. University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics provides best-in-class job training with the support of apprenticeship programs. Come explore various career pathways and learn about our apprenticeship opportunities!

Apprenticeship Programs and other Job Openings:

Advanced Transition to Practice – RNs

University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics offers a wide variety of resources to support careers in nursing. Our nurses receive best-in-class training designed to support continued education, professional, leadership, and skill development. We welcome you to learn more about our Transition to Practice, Nurse Residency, and Nurse Apprentice opportunities by clicking here .

Transition to Practice Program

All newly hired registered nurses in this position will be automatically enrolled in our Transition to Practice program. Various tracks are offered to help introduce and develop new nurses in their area of specialty such as oncology, critical care, emergency care, acute care, perioperative, and ambulatory clinic care. Additional instruction on policies, procedures, skills, and best practices at our hospitals and clinics is also provided.

Nurse Apprentice

We offer early start nursing experiences to those in the final semester of their nursing program. Our nurse apprentices will have the opportunity to work directly with patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. This position includes direct contact with patients, nursing staff, and other interdisciplinary team members.

Tools Library

The task of finding and applying for a new job can feel a little overwhelming. Where do I begin? How do I find the right job for me? What should I include on my resume? We’ve created step-by-step guides to help you along your job application journey, from searching our employment site to crafting the perfect resume and preparing for the interview.

  • How to Create a Resume: A step-by-step guide on the different resume formats and the important information to include.
  • Resume Writing Outline and Sample: A simple worksheet to help candidates create and enhance their resumes.
  • Resume Templates: Three resume temples to help you get started with building the perfect resume.
  • How to Search for a Job Guide for Future and Current employees: For future employees, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to navigate our employment site to find job opportunities and apply. For current employees, we’ve put together instructions to assist you in navigating ICIMS to find new job opportunities within our organization and apply.
  • Interview Guide for Best Practices: From scheduling the interview to what to wear and how to answer questions, we’ve come up with 11 tip guide to help you prepare for an upcoming interview.

Free Resources

University of Utah Health Mission Statement: We serve the people of Utah and beyond by continually improving individual and community health and quality of life. This is achieved through excellence in patient care, education, and research; each is vital to our mission and makes the others stronger.

The Workforce Development Center at University of Utah Health is committed to providing high-quality services and additional resources for work readiness, education, health, and well-being. Explore our list of campus and community partners who provide a wide range of services.

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

Resume Writing


Education: Job Readiness

  • Utah Community Action
    • Resources: English Second Language (ESL), GED Prep, Job Readiness, Financial Literacy, and more.
  • Utah State Board of Education
    • Resources: Adult Education, High School Equivalency (HSE) GED, Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFLA), Career and Technical Education, Early College, Child Nutrition Program, Special Education Services, and more.
  • ESL Skills Learning Center
    • Resources: Workplace English, Citizenship, Career Exploration, Life Skills, and more.

Education: Online Courses

  • Khan Academy: Free online courses in education for all ages
      • Math: Pre-K – 8th Grade
      • Life Skills
      • Computing
      • Partner Courses
      • Math: High School & College
      • Science
      • Arts & Humanities
      • Reading & Language Arts
      • Test Prep
      • Economics
  • EdEx: Database for free online courses
      • Business Administration
      • Biology
      • Architecture
      • Chemistry
      • Business Communications
      • Computer Programming
      • Data Analysis
      • Design
      • Economics
      • Education
      • Electronics
      • Engineering
      • Environmental Science
      • Nutrition
      • Healthcare
      • History
      • Humanities
      • Language
      • Law
      • Literature
      • Math
      • Medicine
      • Physics
      • Science
      • Social Science
  • Udemy: Free online courses
  • Canvas Network: Free online courses
  • Saylor Academy: Free online courses and certifications
      • Art History
      • Biology
      • Business Administration
      • Chemistry
      • Communication
      • Computer Science
      • Economics
      • English
      • English as a Second Language
      • Geography
      • History
      • Learning Skills
      • Mathematics
      • Philosophy
      • Physics
      • Political Science
      • Pre-College Skills
      • Professional Development
      • Psychology
      • Sociology

Campus and Community Resources

University of Utah Health and Huntsman Mental Health Institute

  • Community Engagement Office
    • Resources: Coalition of partnerships, state, and local communities for health to address barriers to mental health challenges and crises.

University of Utah

  • UNP Neighborhood Partners
    • Resources: Hartland Welcome Center, UNP Scholarships, Higher Education, Applications, Certificate Programs.
  • Workforce Inclusion Successful Employment (WISE)
    • Resources: Provides services to support individuals in removing barriers, enrolling in a program (including short-term certificate programs), completing courses, and finding an exciting career in your chosen field.
  • Office of Engagement – Engage U
    • Resources: The Office of Engagement broadens access to college-going information and higher education for K-12 students, families, communities, and incarcerated youth and adults.
  • UNP New American Academic Network Partnership
    • Resources: Services for West Side Residents, building education pathways, community Leadership, and community engagement scholarships.

Career and Education Assistance

  • Department of Workforce Services
    • Resources: Assistance with career counseling, funding for education costs, high school diploma, licensing and certifications, apprenticeship, college degree, work experience opportunities, and re-entry to the workforce.
  • Promise SSL – South Salt Lake
    • Resources: Neighborhood Community Centers and afterschool Programs. Promise South Salt Lake is a Network of 13 community centers located throughout Salt Lake that offers programs at no cost.
  • Women of the World
    • Resources: Non-profit organization.
  • People Helping People
    • Resources: Non-profit organization.
  • Journey of Hope
    • Resources: Non-profit organization. Case management, Mentorship, Social Advocacy
  • Utah Community Action
    • Resources: Adult Education, Case Management and housing, Headstart preschool, Utility Assistance, Nutrition Programs, Weatherization for Homes.

Public Resources

Expungements: Utah’s “Clean Slate” law was implemented on February 10, 2022, and the Utah Courts began the process of automatically expunging qualifying misdemeanor records. Click here for more information.

Healthcare: Community Services

Besides education and research, our mission includes service. The University of Utah participates in the following programs and clinics. To learn more, click here .

  • C.A.R.E Fair
  • Fourth Street Clinic
  • Malijeh Free Clinic
  • People’s Health Clinic
  • Refugee Health Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We’re here to help you!

Send us an email at workforcecenter@hsc.utah.edu . A member of our team will get back to you in two business days.