Job Spotlight

  • Be part of a team that works with nurses and other medical staff to provide quality, exceptional care for our patients
  • Work in a variety of inpatient units including Labor and Delivery, ER and Internal Medicine
  • Gain experience for those wanting to begin or are currently in nursing school
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  • Makes up the largest single role in U of U Health’s Hospitals and Clinics
  • Work collaboratively as a vital member in 196 units throughout the organization including ICUs, Acute Care units, Rehab, Psych, and more
  • Be a lifelong learner and experience professional growth through clinical research and innovation in an academic medical center
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  • Work closely with our physicians and teams at all of our outpatient health centers
  • Get a sign-on bonus possible for full-time and part-time position
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  • Perform the essential functions of keeping our environment safe and clean for our patients and staff
  • Be part of a 300+ member team that works with the best equipment and products
  • Flexible shifts, day and night
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  • Provide meals to patients with a variety of special dietary requirement
  • Serve food that is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients, cooked by professional chefs
  • Connect with patients daily, enter and schedule their orders
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  • Be part of a team of mental health professionals trained and licensed to care for unique mental needs and patients
  • Work with top medical professionals in the country, and is part of the innovative mental health services being developed in Utah
  • Get a chance to provide care in a variety of settings including individual, couples, and family counseling, group therapy, quality of life and end of life care planning, organ transplant support, Safe UT Crisis Text, and Tip Line, and crisis intervention and response
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  • Be at the heart of many programs that ensure patients can receive the medications they need at a cost they can afford
  • Keep our pharmacies performing efficiently with a focus on patient care and satisfaction
  • Work in outpatient retail, ambulatory clinics, inpatient, infusion services and clinics, home care, drug information, informatics, compliance, or investigational drug
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  • Help maintain 55 buildings equivalent to 2.5 million square feet
  • Ensure over 27,000 pieces of equipment are working properly for patient care needs
  • Be part of a 200 staff team—130 are part of the maintenance team and 70 are part of the construction team
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  • Provide the most advanced, state of the art technology available to treat and diagnose disease
  • Work in CT, MRI Ultrasound, mammography, x-ray, nuclear medicine, or interventional radiology
  • Participate in ongoing training, career development, and promotion opportunities
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  • Create, maintain, and support mission-critical applications for hospital business growth and patient care and safety
  • Work with and develops cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics
  • Be part of a team that was named a 2019 CHIME Healthcare's Most Wired recipient for six years running—earning a Level 8 certification for both inpatient and ambulatory care.
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