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Farmington Health Center Careers

Learn more about the culture and pharmacy tech opportunities at University of Utah Health Care

What’s more exciting than having state-of-the-art health care in your local community? Being a part of it.

The Farmington Health Center offers the best treatment and top-quality patient care in the comfort of Farmington’s local community. To serve our patients, we employ the best, most skilled, and most passionate employees.

Why Work for the Farmington Health Center?

The Farmington Health Center offers competitive compensation, opportunities for promotion, and the chance to grow and develop your professional skills in a new, multispecialty clinic in the heart of the Farmington community.

Get the opportunity to show your passion and talent in our primary, specialty, urgent care, physical therapy, and radiology clinics, and more.


We offer an excellent benefits package that can’t be matched by most employers. Benefits include:

  • Health insurance,
  • reduced tuition, and
  • a flexible schedule to care for your family or go back to school.

Employment Opportunities

Whether you’re interested in patient care, facilities management, or clinical work, we have a range of exciting positions that will challenge you to grow and learn new skills.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Physicians and other clinical professionals,
  • nurses and medical assistants,
  • various department technicians,
  • guest relation specialists,
  • administrative professionals,
  • facilities team members, and
  • more.

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